Friday, November 09, 2012

The paparazzi loves me....

Once again, I'm, "blowing up" thanks to the paparazzi that continues to hound me.

First, you seen the latest newsletter recapping the Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest?  Well, after my heroic finish Saturday that could only be described as epic and out worldly as it impressed both the next generation as our seniors alike as I took top honors in the non existent fat bike category, I took to the start gate for the Crit Cross.  Thanks to the Fat Man himself for this pic of me crushing the stairs that scared normal mortals.
Well, in the Sunday recap I was mentioned having dominated the race.  Okay, maybe it was the consolation race, but I did beg my way into the big boy race that I would have been in had I not crashed in the pole setting time trial.  So here it is, me mentioned in the newsletter.

Second, I am not just dominating print news, but the Internet as well.  GO HERE.  Seems as those at are amazed at my skills.

Next up?  World domination.  Oh, that and my new fat bike that is coming.  If I were to guess, I will not see another person this winter on my same ride, but I will see them all over next year.  Needless to say, mine will be bigger than yours.

Alright, time for you to get back to work.


Unknown said...

Are you going to be on TMZ anytime soon? If I had a DVR I would set it to make sure I never miss a minute of your coolness. So if you are between fatbikes and you rode a fatbike a this event did you have to give it up the the Charly Tri Museum of coolness after you dominated?

Lisa T said...

Maybe before you go for world domination you could run for prez. I need someone to vote for in 2016.