Monday, March 02, 2009

Hey there

Too lazy to double post.

I jacked up my wrist/finger/hip after sliding out on some black ice. Nice swelling and large bruise. Pretty sure nothing is broken. Got sick at the same time so took sometime off the bike.

Went shopping yesterday. I hit up Sam's club. It was busy, but damn! All those fat people just hone in on any samples. I seriously had to ask 4 people to move just so I could get by one stand. Once they see a sign of food they put their blinders on to everything else going on around them. Not sure what they were serving, but I am sure it was deep fried.

Rant #2
I have watched the TV show "The Office" way too many times. TBS is rerunning older shows, but here is the rub. They edit out a second here and there in order to put in more commercials. It is sad when I know every line in the show.

Rant #3
There are way too many cool races I want to do this year, primarily this fall.

Later, now back to work.


Chris said...

I think there was illness in the air at Frostbike. Sorry if we passed it to you and yours.

What does it say about me when I ask them to move ... only so I can get a free sample too?

jp said...

Goofball, you said you were going to put the studded tires on! When will you young kids learn?! Is it fun falling on ice? J

Charly Tri said...

Chris- I now blame you for getting sick. Can you see my anger? BTW, I am fine with people waiting in line to get samples. Just don't walk right into my path so that you can get near the fish stick. Maybe make an area down the aisle that people can pass through?

JP- The studded tires have been on all winter. I was coming around a paved corner that I thought was clear but had black ice on it. Those studs are great, but you still can't lean the bike over like that.

jp said...

I remember a certain Canadian, going down on a piece of straight black ice. That shut him up for a while!! I can feel your pain--I went down on the road infront of the driveway the first time it was icy last fall. I saw it coming the second I got on the new pavement. Luckily, I didn't slide thru the county's new rumble strips--that might have left a mark :)