Monday, March 09, 2009


Riding the trainer together. Oh, and you looked.

Yup, still got the original Jo Mama jersey circa 1996. Nothing like making up a team and then proclaiming you are on the midwest regional squad. The hands? They are "gang letters", M and W (for Mid West). I was not the only one rolling around in this jersey. Gotta have teammates.

All stars gotta have a number on the back, right? Note the pins still on from some race.

And welcome Lilah Kurke into the world. Regionally, we are trying to breed the next generation to take over for the Luna Chix. Abi's training is much farther along though.

So this week is a "rest" week. My body thanks me. My sore throat thanks me. My wife thanks me. Now, hurry up and read those other blogs before the boss sees you.


J-No said...

Riding your trainer with a jersey on is not cool. It reminds me of the people at the RAC that ride the bikes with their full kit on.

Charly Tri said...

Gotta have the pockets for the Ipod and occasional remote. Plus, the zipper is sure nice to have. Sorry, but not all of us have N'sync shirts to rock out in.