Monday, March 23, 2009

Non-Bike Frustrations

Alright, so we had 2 units in our rentals getting new tenants. Lots of work needed this week in a rush. So I was up late many nights taking care of this:

Unit #1, One bedroom (+ den), Basement Apartment:
Filthy!! Black toilet (was white), a layer of scum on the floors, and lots of painting needed. The fridge had some type of very thick dark substance that had oozed from the freezer, all through the fridge, covering the seals, and the floor- looked gross, smelled worse. After a couple of hours, 409, and bleach the fridge was done. The floors (all tile) took a couple of cleanings to look good again. Toilet was actually pretty easy with the industrial ZEP bowl cleaner we had.

Unit #2, Three bedroom, Otherside of our twinplex:
We live on one side of a twinplex and rent out he other. The tenant did a good job of cleaning except for getting her dog's hair off of the floor. My list of chores here though included replacing a sink bowl that had been shattered some how, minor painting, steaming carpets (Becky actually did this), and resanding the hardwood floors (needed to be done for a long while, and takes a long time to do).

This was all to be done while working around staying home with Abi, teaching 4 indoor cycling classes, and trying to get my riding in. Needless to say I did not get my full "hours" in, but got pretty close. Sleep was in short supply, but after 11 hours of nappy time Saturday night I feel good again.

The kick in the pants? Both tenants said they wanted to move in ASAP. Well, after working my tail off late into the night to get it ready, the tenant for unit #2 said, "oh, I guess we are going to move in Friday". I could have gotten so much more sleep and not been so worn out, but that is life. Arghhhhh. Both had signed leases to move in about April 1st, but then pleaded to move in early (while paying the prorated rent).

Now, I am chilled, drinking coffee, and watching my daughter sleep in her swing. You? You are reading blogs, wasting time, and avoiding work. Maybe you should get off the internet for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Dude-If I didn't need to waste time, your blog wouldn't need to exist.

J-No said...

11 hours of sleep? At once? I don't feel bad for you.

I was on call overnight on Fri so I have today off. It's raining and I have the 3 three little girls at home. I too am drinking coffee watching the kids destroy the house.