Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Post birthday ride.

Alright, so I got yelled at by a gentleman at the shop (who adores his son-in-law) about having not updated in 2 full days (oh no!).

So I received an envelope in the mail on Friday marked top secret. Being my birthday and how I was freaked out already (see below) I opened it cautiously. Inside instructions were giving to grab my bike and head up to the city that holds Valley Fair. I did as it said that Sat morning.

There I met up with the fearsome threesome of MTB-Velorochester. Chris, Brendan, Ben, and I took off in the hopes of some "top secret" training. So here is the conundrum; is it top secret if I post it on my blog? I mean, anyone has access to it, but at the same time, what loser would read this drivel?
Brendan lives 2 miles from the River Bottoms, so off we went. The helmet in this pic is mine, the shadow is Brendan's, and the river is Mother Nature's.

We ran into Sam Oftedahl (left), brother of Erik. Brendan (right) is shown here having a smoke I believe. Either that or he is applying lipstick.

There's Chris digging for his Digi-pet. We had to stop several times so he could "feed" it and "clean up" after it.

A live action shot from the trail and it looks as though Chris is searching for his Digi-pet again!!! Ben is mad because he obeyed the rules of no computerized pets on this ride.

In this picture now Chris is mad because Ben said, "Digi-pets drool and Tamagachis rule". Boys with their toys, hmmmm.

After we got done with our 4+ hour ride we headed over to Chipotle and ate handsomely. Ben was the last to sit down, but the first to finish his burrito. In fact he had 1/4 of Chris's and still wolfed it down faster than my 1 burrito. That boy can sure fit a lot in his mouth :0

So, I found out that it is possible to ride outside in the winter, amazing. I look forward to venturing out again, but for now I am hopping on the trainer for 2 hours. Yep, 2 hours.

Time for less bloggy bloggy, and more worky worky.

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