Monday, February 12, 2007

Off the hizzle, here is the shizzle.

So last winter I'll label the "comeback". I lost a significant amount of weight I had gained over the previous years. I actually trained in the winter *gasp*, and my fitness improved dramatically.

This winter I hope I can label the "confirmation" (Can you here me Lance?). My fitness has been improving steadily and I believe I am as strong or stronger than I was at any point last summer. Last night I was on the trainer for another 2 1/2 hours (yeah, yeah I hear you groining). I "cruised" most of that time in a single gear. Last winter and earlier this winter I would not have been able to sustain that same gear for more then 5-10 minutes. This year I happily spun along I that same at a fast cadence for 1 1/2 hours. I am sure that much of this is the structure from the Candyman, aka Sugardaddy, aka Marky Mark, aka Mark Consugar, aka Off The Front Coaching. Tempo workouts are the "thing" for me for the next several weeks, and I can already see the benefits.

Click on the picture to realize why this bill board is so poignant. Prepare to be very amused.

I am already eyeing up the races for next year. Many from here, some from here, definitely from here, what about here?

Your boss said get to work and quit "following your heart".

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Anonymous said...

Awesome - TURTLES!