Friday, February 16, 2007


My favorite MTB wheel size in 29!

My baby's momma will be 31 this year. There are 2 of us. 31-2= 29!

Jim Carrey is starring in a new movie called "23". I have seen at least 6 of his movies. 23+6= 29!

I just looked at the clock, it is 8:29!

29 the first prime number after 24 (as in 24 hour race)!

Creepy huh?

Well get this, I turn 29 today!

Dude, this is freaking me out!! This is not coincidental. I am not leaving the house today, something bad is destined to happen today. Armageddon? Natural disaster? Attack from the Greys? Sleestacks come out from hiding?
I want everyone to be on alert today. Watch the shadows.

Work carefully, prepare to gather your family and run.

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