Saturday, November 25, 2006

Riding the new ride.

So, Turkey Day came and went. Went out to Eastwood with Becky and met with Ben "El Fuerte", and Queen Bee. While cruising the park we ran in to Mr. Corky (as predicted) with Al. Turns out Corky was out in S.D. with his first wife. Also, ran into Richard "Mechanical" Bennet, and Chuck Sorenson. Ask Chuck about his son-in-law sometime. Plenty of food was consumed at the folks later that day.

Today started out with the ladies of the house leaving to go for a "short" 10.5 mile run. I left to go run the new bike through it's paces on the twisty stuff in Eastwood.

The women of my life leaving to meet up with a group run.

New road construction has split Eastwood. The trees on the right are "old" Eastwood. The trees on the left now hold the secret trails of Eastwood.

My bike getting ready to ride Twister, one of the secret trails. I am really digging this bike, I'll tell you what.

Eastwood has a problem with people coming out there to "hook up" with strangers. I called the boys down at the station and they came out to break up this party for me. Stuff was going on that should not have, I'll leave it at that.

Now, don't you have something better to do then play around on the internet?

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