Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bling, Bling

Well, I hinted, now here it is. My first foray into product support/sponsorship. I got it built up and rode it last night. I had to borrow a crank as my BB will not work in this frame, and the seatpost is borrowed as well. I need to get those replaced and dial in the set up, but this this can rocket!! Just 1 part of my 2 pronged attack on the endurance racing scene next year.

My new Gary Fisher Paragon. Did I mention we are a Fisher dealer now?

A more dramatic view.


Brendan said...

My guess is 23lbs...
That is a good looking machine.

When did you pick up Fisher?

Charly Tri said...

What's weight got to do with it? Ha, ha, ha! Seriously, it weighs just shy of 24 with the cages. When I replace the crankset, BB, and seatpost (all very heavy) it will drop a fair amount.

Yeah, the Fisher thing has been in the works for awhile, we just didn't let it go public until it was all official this last week.

Have fun in the Orient!