Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold Bear Challenge Recap

The thinking went something like this for the race:

-I wish there was snow
-Crap, I forgot my inhaler
-Wow, my 907 rides way different without the 10-15 pounds of gear I've had on it since fall.
-Bad start, big push to get up
-Holy crap this hurts, and I can't freaking breath. Stop, regain breath, go, repeat.
-Wow, there is a lot of freaking dangerous ice out here and I have got no skills at all today.
-I am not use to this XC race mode. Different power outputs and getting use to having to shift multiple gears has me constantly forcing my way uphills in too big of gear.
-Breathing is opening up, but I am still all over the place with this ice and losing more ground because of it.
-I am getting beat down, Arrowhead's effort still lingers.
-Wow, now I am riding worse and have little ability to pedal.
-I am getting sick of getting off the bike because of slipping on the ice.
-I am not even half way through?
-Body is definitely not recovered for this type of effort and it is suffering hard now, and I am having no fun.
-Pull the plug
-These hot dogs are good despite what Guse's reviews.
-Awards are taking for ever, maybe I'll win a cool door prize.
-Nope, won a cutting board?
-I wish there was snow.

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Unknown said...

your description of this race is exactly how I feel when my Asthma hits me. It is just a total shut down.