Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Sandwich 50

Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At the Sandwich 50 you will. The race will have you feeling reborn. Colors will seem more vivid, food will taste better, Obama will no longer be president...

Imagine yourself running with all your might to your bike as you start the race. You are nervous, but excited for what the day will bring as you ride the prologue. Over the ensuing 7 laps your cheeks hurt from all the smiling. Maybe you stop in the hobo camp to partake in PBR and bacon. Maybe you choose to take some of the 'B' lines to test yourself. No matter what you will have a story to tell your grand kids about the day you conquered the Sandwich 50. As your grandkids speed away in their hover cars and you drift into that great goodnight, a sense of calm will before you. You have accomplished a great thing.

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