Monday, January 16, 2012

Revelate Seat Bag On test: First Impressions

We all know any monkey can buy or get a hold of some product and pretend they are some big time reviewer of said product. So I have taken deliver of a Christmas present that needs to be "tested" and "reviewed". Here are my first impressions. My review is not biased in the sense I do not know the owner or any employees of Revelate, nor do I link there blog to mine, nor do 1/3 of my blog links go to riders they sponsor, nor do I spend time at their house, nor do I take pictures for them specifically and post them on my blog, nor do we meet for rides, nor have I professed my love for their business, nor can I spot their house from 1,000 feet in the air. Also, this is not a discontinued product that I borrowed from someone and I am using for a short period in conditions it was not really meant for.

First off, construction is top notch. I was shocked with with how many different materials are used to make the best possible bag. Not only does it look like it will last a lifetime, but it is really light and purposeful. The amount of space you can hold is adjustable, and there is a strap internally to help separate and hold gear in. The design of the bag assures that your gear will stay nice and dry. Originally, my intention for this bag is bike camping, mostly winter camping (assuming we get more snow). I will not need the space of this bag for my Arrowhead attempt, but if I did, I would be in good hands.

This bag can hold a ton of stuff. Now that I fully see and appreciate how much, the bag will take on double duty. My parents live 5 miles away, and sometimes I drop the newborn off to hang out with the G-parents. Well, I can now make that commute easier with this bag. Big enough for Seely, but some of her diapers and a change of clothes as well! This bag will get put through it's paces for sure.


Anonymous said...

There's a built in seat belt inside the bag as well! Just discovered that last weekend.

Unknown said...

You even have a white room for your photos. What a pro.