Monday, December 05, 2011

Yup, we got snow.

So, instead of showing you pictures (that I didn't actually take) of our massive inch or 2 of snow and how my 907 eats it up like no bike could ever before, I will give you this. This picture is my built up crazy awesome (really, it is) fatso bike. I've got me several rides on said monster and am really digging the new frame and their alloy fork. And yes, it is very metro sexual with the fancy colors and such.

Less than 2 weeks until Tuscobia 150. Yummy.


Anonymous said...

I see the BFLs; what rim width did you go with?

Charly Tri said...

I am rolling the 80mm Flattop rims from Love that sized rim.

Marilyn H said...

Hello mate great blog.