Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where is Charly?

First off, early this year a Nate H. commented on this blog.  Nate, if you are reading, I may have something for you.  Email me at charlytri(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Second, June is pretty much a write off for me on the bike.  I've got LCR guys even emailing me concerned that they have not seen me lately.  I am back to work at the shop, plus catching up on years of neglect on the to do list before we move out and rent our place has seen me on the bike about twice a week.  The Red Wing race today was planned for, but I am bailing.  Buck Hill is no longer possible when I work until 7 on Thursdays.  Pending final approval on financing, we close on our new place on Thursday. 

Third, a recent spring trip to NC to see Mr. and Mrs. Tri Guy included a stop at the beach.  I found a nice set of tracks from a pair of Surly Endomorph tires there.  Even with gorgeous weather, I find myself dreaming of rolling the 9:zero:7 in the snow.

Fourth, I still need to remark about my equipment this year.  When I have more time...

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