Monday, June 06, 2011

Working hard or hardly working?

The last many days for me have involved a lot of staining, painting, sheet rocking, mudding, taping, caulking, breaking, burning, disposing, cutting, slicing, hammering, screwing, ripping, and fixing.  Notice the no mention of riding?

My last ride was Thursday night, Buck Hill #3 for me this year.  Got a warm up which was great for the breathing, but legs were really stiff and tight.  Backed off with a lap and a half left as to soft pedal the rest of the race and the legs "woke up".  Got going again and managed to catch and pass one rider, almost caught another; both had been pulling away.  Weird.  My ladies were not present that night, so no throw down in the kids race. 

Oh, so you may ask why the lack of riding and following up on a to do list that has been neglected for years.  Well, it appears we may be moving into a new to us house (as opposed to the old to us twinplex).  We are taking advantage of another person's misfortune by purchasing a foreclosed property.  There are numerous benefits to the new place, but best of all will be the bike room!!!!  What, what!!!  Anyways, we are pumped.

On another note, do you know anyone looking for a really nice 3 bedroom place with 2 car garage and great private backyard to rent, preferably on a 2 year lease(plus nothing on the to do list)?

Anywho, back to projects...

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