Monday, March 28, 2011

Is she getting fat?

Here is an update on my life and thoughts lately in short bursts:

-I knocked up the wife again. Due date Oct. 15th, not finding out the sex until then. My boys are strong swimmers. I guess I need to ride more.

-Abi wants to "race my bike". Buck Hill racers better watch out!

-My dog won't stop licking my arm as I type this.

-The hypocrisy with Obama and Libya is laughable. Along with that the divisiveness in politics, it is getting really old. Every political side has something to add to this country, but they would rather just yell at each other and nit pick. They are like a bunch of junior high kids. For the record, I am glad they are helping the people of Libya from their own government.

-Gas prices have been gone up. Along with that you have the self righteous pricks cheer because "I never drive a car because I ride my bike everywhere". Good for you, but that is your choice and wishing ill on others because of it is sad.

-Been busy this weekend. Chiseling pavement for a sump pump install, refinishing hardwood floors, and half the riding I wanted.

-Ragnarok 105 (105 mile gravel race) is coming in a few weeks and I am not feeling all that confident. Frankly, I question how good of shape I am in, but we'll find out more soon. I would really like to "tri-peat" the race, but I also would like a lot of things that I am not getting. Bike is almost ready, carbon Superfly with some new changes to set up that I need to try. Ek, it is lighter than yours:)

-The licking is getting really old.

-With my life as a stay at home Dad I have happen to see a few shows on tv that day workers do not. Just to let you know Tyra Banks annoys me with her stupidity and hypocrisy every time I have seen her on TV. She is so flipping annoying, but what is worse is she has such a strong following.

-Going on the TV theme, I tend to like syndicated tv shows. I discovered "Scrubs" this way. It happens that it is on when I put Abi down and I eat my lunch. The following shows I did not like until they went into syndication; "90210", "Seinfeld", "King of Queens", and "Scrubs". I am sure there are more that I can't think of.

-Are you still reading all this stuff?

-I really don't watch much TV at all, but I am on a roll here so stay with me. Up at the cabin we get a channel called "Retro TV". It often times has cool old shows like "Night Rider", "The A-Team", and "Magnum PI". I wish we had that channel locally, minus the old black and white westerns.

-Stupid dog keeps licking, errrr.

-If you are going to be punched in at work you should probably stop reading blogs.


Chris said...

Poor Becky.

Rachel Neil said...

I've gotten fat over the past couple of years due to my pot usage and prescribed medication.
I have a blog that should help me in my weight loss program.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on number 2. Child that is... NAte

J-No said...

Congrats on the kid.

You watch more TV than anyone I know. The "I'm not really watching it, I just have it on for background" is an excuse.

J-No said...

I watched 90210 and Night Rider when it was on prime time.

Magnum is the coolest guy in the world.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy!
I wish I had all those channels to watch. My little antenna doesn't even get in NBC.