Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ultimate snow trail rocket

So you all have been on the edge of your seat to know what my new ride is, I know, I know. As you and your friends gather to watch the latest episode of "Glee" the conversation instantly goes to "what is Jo Mama's new sponsor"? Well, question no more.

To build the ultimate snow trail rocket you need to start with wide light rims. Something in the 80mm width at a hair over 800 grams is certainly a great start. I think these may be about the lightest wide rims you can find. Both of them weighed in the exact same, 807 grams and 0 calories!!

Next, how about a super light alloy frame with big beefy tubing to make sure every watt of energy gets to the snow covered trails? The frame is first class all the way, and the third bottle mount is rare in the niche of snow bikes. I plan on using this spot for storage at the big snow dance.

So you have to fill those holes on the super awesome rims with something cool right? The banner from my daughter's first birthday party fit the bill. Light super shiny Mylar looks futuristic and cool. If you look close you can see the reflection of the rest of the wheel in the Mylar.

Now this is not a sponsor thing, but can you guess why this crazy gringo is drilling holes into his fork?

Bam! Here it is. 9:ZERO:7 frame, 80mm Flattop Rims, 2X9 set up, no front der to freeze, Old style Suntour xc pro shifter. As always my contact points (seat and bars) have to be wrapped in Bontrager as they fit so great. I love my Bontrager Evoke saddle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you guys at Chain Reaction Cycles! My 9:ZERO:7 frame and rims are awesome!! I hope to not disappoint, speaking of which I should probably go for a ride.

So there you have it. I am very spoiled. I have an amazing snow bike, 9:ZERO:7, and mountain bike, Trek/Fisher Superfly 100. My stable is stacked and I am grateful.

Also, special shout out to Matt at Rochester Cycling and Fitness. Sure I work there, but he never winces when I work late into the night after hours on my own stuff. First class shop, top bikes!

Less bloggy bloggy, more worky worky.


jp said...

A third bottle mount under the down tube has got to be THE STUPIDest idea ever for a mountain bike, let alone a snow bike! By the time you try to drink that 3rd bottle it will be an ice cube. If the roads are dirty, which for you, living in town, they will most certainly be, that bottle will also replace your lost salt intake, along with 30 other harmful chemicals. :) I need to go to work now. JP

Charly Tri said...

Juicy Peach,

First of all, in non freezing temps you reach for the third bottle when the others are gone. Clean the top and move it to the main frame and you are good.

For winter, who said I was planning on putting water or energy drink there?

You are just mad that you are not sporting a the ultimate snow trail rocket, and thus I will leave you behind despite pedaling with one leg. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

Sweet ride!!! Hopefully it will not fall to bandits along the desperately remote Tuscobia trial next weekend. That trail is notorious for such tragic endings...Beware for there are those "out there" that will do you harm and rob you of such precious things if given the chance. My advice to you is to stay close to home in little ole Rochester and count your blessings...

jp said...

You Goofball--I am the one pedaling with 1 leg. That is why I opted for a WORKING front derailuer and 2 rings. I might add that I run a 12-19 straight block! ;)

Cody Larson said...

yay for thum shifters!

Cody Larson said...

sorry I forgot the silent b

Michael Lemberger said...

The third set of WB brazeons are really useful for mounting a grunge catcher to keep the BB sparkly clean. At least, that's what I did with mine.

coastkid said...
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HEATH said...

No front brake? Chain is gunna fall off. Not bad otherwise. By the way we all know the reflective tape is for looking up. You may be able to use as rear view mirror if you get real areo.

Charly Tri said...

Heath- It is not meant for hillside stomping. For hours on the snowmobile trails all you need is one brake. That is considered "so pro" I think. Oh, and the chain only seems to drop off the right hand side, and I have the guard there.

I think I might put a flashy light on the hub and then watch as it bounces off the reflective tape. I am a genius!

Unknown said...

In response to jp above:

The third water bottle mount is actually very much in demand for the overnighter types. Most are using frame bags in the main triangle for loose odds and ends, racks front and rear to carry sleeping and clothes supplies, and then are making a custom cage for the third mount to carry your stove fuel bottle. The frame bag negates the use of the two standard bottle mounts, and in case your fuel leaks, you don't want it soaking up other items. These bikes are so versatile for all seasons that most want to be able to outfit in an array of configurations, so the third mount just adds to that versatility. They're not just for wattle bottles any more!

Here's an example of a summer use:

EndoRando in Alaska

coastkid said...

My 1st post was not working but 2nd go!
i love the look/design of 9zero7 frameset and is on the wishlist for my 2nd fatbike,and there rims look good too...
3rd bottlecage a great idea for fuel bottle or tool container,

Unknown said...

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