Monday, December 06, 2010

I don't smoke pot,

but I roll fatties. We finally got some snow which meant I finally got to take the fat tire snow bike out in the white stuff. We got 8-10 inches of which I got in a fun ride mid snow dump (with my feet scraping the snow with every pedal stroke) and a few snow machine trail rides after it all settled. The fat tires are sure nice when the snow gets soft and hard to ride.

Snowmobile trails were shown who the boss is. Those would be custom drilled large marge rims on my "later this week" for sale Pugsley. The blob on the right is a water bottle on the custom fork. Thursday comes the new goodies, and Thursday night is BUILD NIGHT!!

The bad picture from my phone does not do these neat little snowflakes justice. These collected on my poggies during one of my rides with Kuske. It was weird to get in a 3+ hour ride again when the temp hovers close to 0 degrees.

You may think the boss does not know you are blog surfing, but it is known. You should get back to work.

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