Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bullet point updates.

-About this time next week you'll get some pics of the new ride. Clues? New complimentary sponsor, light, fast, fat, ideal. Excited would be an understatement. People at Arrowhead will shake in fear.

-Until the new goodies come I will be prepping my 18" Surly Pugsley to sell. Think XT components, custom fork, custom front and rear racks, ie. good stuff. Pics and official spec/price to come early next week.

-I realized now why I have been having such a hard time on the bike recently. With the recent drop in temps my asthma has kicked my butt. A refill of the 2X daily inhaler last night and my breathing is already showing improvements. I am supposed to use this set up when my breathing gets really bad, like recently. I'll get back to full strength and good to go. This asthma stuff is still new to me.

-My tenure as a Indoor Cycling instructor at the RAC has come to an end. The last few years I only taught in the winter. There was a 50% increase in dues with Abi turning 2 and now we are considered a "family membership". It was already not cheap, but a switch to the YMCA is really saving us some cash. It is really hard to spend $50 for a 2 year old that doesn't even come in.

-Before I left the RAC I noticed the temps were starting up. The temps? They are the people that work out for a month or so until they get burnt out. They come every year, January being the biggest infestation. Some ways to identify them include; new fancy workout outfits, lifting gloves when working on simple weight machines, special non breathable tops designed to make you "sweat off the pounds", doing a 10 rep set on a weight machine and then sitting there trying to look pathetic for 4 minutes until your next set, bouncing up and down doing the "touch the toes" stretch, hitting the ab machines especially hard until you realize that it hurts after a few reps, constantly looking around to see if others approve of your ability to work out, and spending half your time fumbling around with you ipod. Do you have other ways to identify the temps?

-Christmas is coming. I guess I am hard to get a gift for as I only want bike stuff and usually get what I need. Getting presents mean very little to me. I enjoy giving them and the family time. Two years back I got almost nothing at one gift opening (for a special reason) and did not even notice the lack of gifts. It is just time to hang out with family members, and I hope all members on both sides of our family make it a point to come out. Moral of this story, everyone can just send me cash.



Jim Wallace aka PCM said...

My word for people who only exercise in January is Resolutors. The Green Way near my house is full of them after the first and most are gone before February.


Anonymous said...

Your fancy pants new-age Carbon gizmos (and the like)will not save you in Feb.,once on the Northern Lats. enroute to the Casino. You and yours continue to disappoint. BTW: The DBD forbids the use of indoor trainers...

Charly Tri said...

Sorry pooper scooper, I have not been on the indoor trainer as of yet. When I taught (I may again at the YMCA), it was not unheard of for me to ride there, teach, and then go for a ride. My workouts, disappointingly, have been inside until my breathing is 100%. Just no indoor biking yet. Also, who said anything about riding up North in Feb? The XRC crew plans on getting to the casino in Jan. Hopefully the Slurpee Summit can bring down the hostility, and no lives will be lost (namely from the DBD).