Thursday, August 26, 2010

Afton last year VS. this year

Alright, so despite the fact he was the only reason my 24 hour race at Afton didn't go well, I am posting my support from last year (couldn't be MY fault). This is Nick, aka Curtis, aka YDB. He used to be a model. Yup, he was. That was his actual title. Sorry ladies, he is not available. He used to be in the coast guard as well. It was pretty much like Baywatch, but without Baywatch Nights. So there you go Nick, you're famous.

This is my support for this year. Meet Mark, aka ODB. He is a Father of three and is able to lift small cars. His hobbies include kicking butt as my support person at Afton and making fun of Nick (but so does everyone else). Feel free to stop by the tent and say "hi" to Mr. Barlow at the race. He doesn't bite too hard.
So that is that. Look for me to rock the Fisher bikes at the race, I hope to do them proud. Looking forward to suffering with my "Bring It On" costar.
Back to work.

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Brendan said...

Now that Nick and Mark are famous, can I get some autographs? A signed chamois with certificate of authenticity would be great.
Please include Mr. Hawkins signature too if possible.