Sunday, July 04, 2010

Secret Training

Time to prep for the Levis 100 coming up in a few weeks.  That means a training camp in the Northwoods at the cabin in Cable, WI.  So far I have been riding my bike a lot, avoiding drug testers, and having blood with drawn (one mosqitoo bite at a time).  In the first 2 days I have already seen 2 "men in black" (ie. bears), one while I ate my dinner on the new deck, one was about 15 feet off the trail when I rode by (we both were surprised).  After 3 fairly close bike encounters with the furry beasts I have realized that they are indeed harmless for the most part.

Rock Lake is super fun, so is the Ojibwe, and both I can ride to from homebase.  It is like riding in the Rockies without the thin air and huge elevation changes.  Not as fun was the hour I spent on a snowmobile trail exploring with the GPS and finding out that swamps are probably easier to get through during the winter. 

Today is all about the parade, 5K/10K (currently running with my wife out there), community gathering and fireworks.  This week is all about the training.  Never mind the fact that my family will be wanting me to spend time with them.  Nope, it is all about the training and I couldn't have better trails to ride on.  I'll miss the wife and daughter....

Shout out to all the commoners stuck working at the shop while I am gone.  Especially, YDB, ODB, DRex, GDB, and Curtis2.

As a reminder the cabin is open for rental at a fairly cheap rate.

Oh, and you should probably get back to work, or play.  Whatever, but just get off the computer and do something.

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Charlie Farrow said...

We will all be @Levis!!! Buffington, Eki, and me...My $$$ is on you for the sissy geared/suspension class...and Buffington in the manly ss category...I'll be the old one walking the hills...