Sunday, July 25, 2010

Huge Garage Sale Ya'll

I have a whole bunch of stuff just taking up room in my house, but they really want to take up room in your house. I have a whole bunch of stuff, mountain and road, new and used. So peruse my goodies and figure out how much money you have left in the checking account. You can reach me at charlytri (at) yahoo dot com. Items will be removed as sold.

Well, I now added a Surly Pugs fork. I just got this used (along with another fork) and have no need for it. It is offset, 135mm spaced. It is in fantastic shape and I though it may have never been used at first. Steerer cut to 8 1/8" and star nut installed. This is perfect for those looking for a fork on the 9zero7 frame. Sweet purple color!! $60.

Basic road bars. Deda brand, 42cm width, 26.0 clamp. $5.

Shop quality Park Tool bike stand. Yes, this is what your shop mechanic uses, and for good reason. Used VERY LITTLE, but has sat in my garage for too long. New it sells for $525 (for stand AND base). Yours for $250.

Shimano R215 road shoes. Very high quality, light, stiff, carbon, size 10. Used 3 months. New they sold for about $225. Yours for $50.

So that's it for now. BTW.

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Charlie Farrow said...

Size 10 shoes? Very small feet? You know what that say about guyz with small feet? I am 5'9" and I have size 12.5 feet!!!
Concerned about your set-up...