Saturday, January 16, 2010

An update, act like you care.

Hmmm, 5 hours with J-No on trails today at roughly 20 degrees. Ran into JP, Eric A, and Scott M while we were out. Got to see 7 sleds drag race by us (literally) on The Real Lake Shady. Nutrition was dialed, making me happy. Made some needed changes to the Gary Fisher Rig which improves things dramatically, making me happy. Had an aha moment in regards to clothing for Arrowhead, yes, making me happy.

Maybe a pile of hours tomorrow morning on trails, teach cycling in the afternoon, pile of hours Monday, and also Tuesday. The last 2 weeks were not what I wanted and it annoys me. My body has become complacent. Time to show it who the boss is.

If I get around to it tomorrow I will show off my $3 stove/pot/windscreen that I made for Arrowhead. It is light, works awesome, and has character.

Mmmm hmmph. Yes. I agree. You do waste a lot of work time on blogs.

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Mario said...

Is that a human? If so... gender?