Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some quick math

After checking and talking with my gynecologist, I might have THIS in my right eye; causing excessive tearing.


Only a one hour ride at 10 degrees.


What does that mean? Well, here is another equation to work out.


This race and it's much colder temps.




Yeah, instead of dealing with my eye freezing shut and the awkwardness of that, or huge stalactites hanging off my face, I may just be a pirate. I don't feel like trying to spend the entire race trying to keep my non-dominant eye functional.

Oh, and I am growing facial hair for warmth, you like? Nothing to impressive as I remember 8th grade classmates with full on face rugs. The wife is not so found of my man hairs.

I am trying to think of my new nickname. McDreamy and McSteamy are taken...



Richard said...

Ski goggles... problem solved.

Charly Tri said...

Yeah, I have considered those, but I think they would only prolong the inevitable. When we were riding at -18 the simple act of blinking saw the eyelashes trying to freeze together.

Like I said, the only fool proof solution I can see is taking it out of the equation from the start.

rideonpurpose said...

I think you're right- goggles work, but they aren't going to work in any varying temperatures for more than 2 or 3 hrs.

No matter what you get too hot at some point in time and start fogging them up etc..

You're other best option is just to become tough enough that you don't care.

J-No said...


jp said...

That "thing" hanging from your eye maikes me think you were hanging out at Eastwood again! :) JP

J-No said...

Awesome JP!!!

Brian D said...

Just shave off your eyelashes and those snow dingleberries should go away.

Charly Tri said...

BD-Don't think I haven't thought of that. Then I figured it would eventually look like a frozen waterfall was coming from my eyeball.

Anonymous said...

At the DBD we have our physician surgically remove our members' tear ducts along with all appendages/organs/brain matter/etc. that are deemed "Not Needed/ Extra Weight/UnManly" for endurance cycling. Perhaps at the Extremely-sensitive Ride Club (ERC), the members are not afforded access to quality health-care? The fact that you wept during your ride is disconcerting...

George Mallory
DBD Medical Officer

Brian D said...

I bet a little Rain-X coating on the eye would help the tears slide right off before they had a chance to freeze.

Anonymous said...