Monday, November 23, 2009

Less like the Doughboy

So in the past I would pull the plug on consistent workouts in September or so. I just lost motivation. A lot of that has to do with the fact if I have nothing to be fit for I am not. Well, here it is November still and I have not gone too hog wild on cookies and kept a fair amount of my fitness. I am not in shape to go toe to toe with Ivan Drago, but the Pillsbury Doughboy and I have a lot less in common then we normally do this time of year. I have been hitting the weights a little and my strength is there, no relearning, no post lifting soreness.

Now with Arrowhead in Feb, I start my official "training" earlier then ever, as in today. So, I am starting earlier and the pinch test results are reading record results for November. Neato.

On another note, watched Napoleon Dynamite again with the wife last night. Too many funny lines in that movie. Too many.

My monster bike seems to be going well. I have to throw gears on it here soon and rock out with my derailleur out.



Fisher said...

Sounds like you got a jump on your fitness. If your in Oconomowoc this weekend let me know. My training plans for thanksgiving will consist of riding, a hard game of solo tetherball and catching a delicious bass.

Charly Tri said...

Sorry, I will not be in the city that has the letter "o" as every other letter in it's name. Have fun with your woman and her family. I heard that they dig your bow staff skills.

J-No said...

I guess you will not be in Oronoco either.


Charly Tri said...

Nice, how long did it take you to think that up?

J-No said...

Actually I did not see the first post, I just saw your reply and immediately thought Oronoco.

What's your riding plans for the weekend?