Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where in the world is Charly?

No 12 hour last weekend (not too disappointed considering the rain they had). Hardly any bike time in last couple of weeks. Why? New tenant moved in Monday and I found out just before that that the walls around the current tub/shower where literally falling off from moisture damage. So I am back at work for the summer, and what time I did not spend there was spent ripping out walls, installing a tub surround, and then patching everything back up. My life as a landlord is not all caviar and laying out at the mansion.

In the big news front, Tri Guy has his own blog. Can be found here. Oh, it is amazing how much people want to be like me.

I have been a busy boy. Now I am off to work and Chicago for a wedding this weekend. Looking to get the legs shredded by showing up to the group road ride tonight on the Paragon. They need pain (the legs, not the other riders, although people say I am a pain to be around).

Later, and of course, BTW.

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