Monday, June 01, 2009

Burley Intervals.

Well, Abi got some wheels on now she is rolling on 20's.

Seemed like everyone was getting primed and ready for Afton, but I have another race that I want to fly at. I have been slacking on the training, but that has changed, and the Burley is sure coming in handy. Saturday I was out for 4 hours, starting with hill intervals, rolling around at Eastwood, and then calling the police to take care of unlawful man on man action at Eastwood (resulting in tickets, yeah!!).

Sunday the Burley latched on the back of the Hi Fi and I headed out with the wife on her road bike to have our first family day in 2 months. Low psi, full suspension fully open, tired legs, hauling baby and gear, and low RPM's = almost 4 hours worth of hard tempo intervals. We crushed the Cannon Valley Trail and then some.

Loving these Burley intervals.

back to work, hugs and kisses,


J-No said...

That trailer looks cool. It makes my old burley look--old. Does she wear a helmet?

Charly Tri said...

No helmet. Her neck is not strong enough to support it yet. She is in the optional infant bed that is "not for cycling". Walking, jogging, but not cycling. She had no problems when the trailer went over on its side and got dragged for 6 feet. She woke up and went right back to sleep. I have the back down low so her head doesn't get jerked around with speed changes.

4luvandlife said...

here's to burley training. i was actually on the cannon valley trail with my wife also on saturday. burley and a baby seat for me. that is a workout.

Anonymous said...

sorry to here about your ticket...that sucks, maybe you'll find a better place next time