Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pain in the rear.

So, updates have been lacking. Sorry about that. I feel bad. I will do better. Here is a small recap from the last couple of weeks.

Afton Alps Race
Eight days before this race I bruised my tailbone during an attempt to win a town sign sprint on a road ride (yes, I know setbacks have plagued me lately). It wasn't horrible, but I must of agitated it as it was very painful on race day. Every little bump sent pain to my da donka donk. With the saddle tittled up it was a little better, but I figured lining up in the back of the field was appropriate as I knew the day would not go well. I took the race at a the same pace I would in a 12 hour race because speed meant more bigger hits to the rear. Well, the first lap was painful and the second lap saw my pace stay the same while others were already starting to slow. A couple of hard shots at the beginning of the lap to the rear caused the pain to go beyond what I was willing to endure. That and fear of further damage caused me to pull the plug. I ended the day with some hill intervals out of the parking lot (pavement was fine on the rear) and watching Brendan clean up on the field. Everything feels good again.

Baby's Momma
Yeah, she is getting bigger. Looks like her stomach ( and only her stomach) took too many trips to the buffet line at OCB. She looks awfully cute though, right?

We set off for Becky's brother's wedding on Friday. We found out there was a road closure on the interstate and set off on our own detour as to avoid the 10 miles of stop and go traffic just to get on the clogged designated detour. Well, my "short cut" had a detour because the road was closed. Then another. Almost 8 hours later we made it to Milwaukee. It only took us twice as long as it normally would. We were fine though as we did not have our home flooded like so many that we saw on our trip. The wedding was fun. The picture above is from the rehearsal dinner.

I think training is going well. I feel like I have been riding strong lately and should be ready for 100 miles of mountain biking racing on the 28th in Levis Mounds. I have been doing secret intervals that should help me dominate the world.
That is it now for now. You and I both need to get to work.


Anonymous said...

How do you bruise your tailbone sprinting? My legs and lungs hurt when I sprint, but never my tailbone.


Charly Tri said...

Yo original J-No,

I pulled out of my pedal during the sprint which sent my keister up in the air. The tail bone landed hard on the tip of the seat. In order to not fall onto the top tube, lose control, and take down 2 other riders, I had to push hard on the handlebars to force my rear end into the seat tip (further hurting it). Once I slowed down a little I was able to get my feet back on the pedals and the butt back on the seat.

It was very shocking to all there that I did not go down, but I am the best rider I have ever known so.....

Don't you have some babies to take care of?

Anonymous said...

Becky, you look great! Charly, adjust your food intake or increase your activity level.