Friday, June 20, 2008

Karma bites back

So on my way to work this morning I hear the pleasant sound of a McDonald's bag full of crap hitting the pavement. The offending car had just passed me and went on like nothing had happened. A couple of small rollers later and said car is now off to the side of the road with one of our friendly boys in blue behind.

Me to the officer: "Hey, did you pull her over in the last 45 seconds?"

Officer: "Why yes", with a puzzled look.

Me: "She just got done tossing her McDonald's bag out the window. It is sitting right in the middle of the road back there"

Officer: With a big smile, "Well, I guess she will be going back to pick that up now isn't she?"

Me: "Cool, thanks"

Officer: "Thank You!"

Karma bites (including the tire variety).

Now, time for me (and you) to get back to work.

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