Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rocky training

The last 2 races I managed to bring home the gold hardware. With Ben unable to do better than "only" 4th the same weekends he asked me to take him under his wing. A good analogy to Ben and I's relationship now is the same as Rocky had with Micky. Rocky did some unorthodox training methods because of Mick, and now Ben does the same.

First we started with pounding the pedals.

If he can dodge a dump truck he can dodge a tree.

We ignore these signs.

Closed? Why?

Had Ben doing tunnel repeats.

Rocky chased a chicken for speed. Ben rides a springy kids toy for balance. After 4 hours on this he was not smiling anymore.

Coming home. Next I got to work on him about the small wheels he rides.

A good 3 hours of gravel grinding with Ben 9.9. Busting butt. Like Ben said, it felt like we were at the front of a group pulling, but no one would pull through.
Word. Work.

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Anonymous said...

Where did Ben get those cool socks?