Friday, June 22, 2007

ABC is easy as 123

No posts in awhile. Your boss was thankful.

Soooooo, I have some updates that will have to wait until later this weekend. Gotta post about the baby's momma's marathon (and weekend with the Carey's) and a recap of the coming race.

Got a 12 hour race in La Crosse this weekend. I rode the course last week and it will be tough. Average speeds are not going to be above 11 mph like last time. Supercal is almost ready, almost.

Wow, you are still reading....I am just kinda going on and on about nothing, so here is some more random thoughts.

I have been riding really strong lately. I am happy about that.

I keep looking at this site. My biggest race this year.

Ben is amped for this weekend. You should see his new frame.

I need to update my links.

This guy is too cool for words.

Do you get paid by the hour to surf the internet?


Anonymous said...

I'm actually salaried.


Anonymous said...

That guy rocks (Mr cool ice). Good luck in your race this weekend.

PS-I'm salaried too.