Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Arrowhead part 2.

Just some semi interesting notes I remember on the race.

-Jay ran into Gateway, maybe to get a roller dog or grab a pack of ciggs?
-I was having trouble with my BB7 rear brake leading up to the race (my fault), switched to my Hayes Prime (which I love in the summer) because temps weren't supposed to get very low.  Pads eventually stopped retracting about halfway through.  Finished with a decent amount of brake rub, good thing I only had a rear brake!  Reminded me why I use mechanicals in the winter.
-Did I mention that the grill cheese at Melgeorges was amazing!
-I saw no signs of wildlife, bummer.
-The fresh snow layered onto each limb of each tree was spectacular.
-We all were riding Dillenger tires.
-Jorden had the widest tire set up (clown shoes with Dillenger 5's).  This may have helped in the final sprint as there was a soft patch a tad before the line (Todd can be seen having to dismount through it in the video).
-Jorden was using bungee straps to hold his bag on his bars.  Over harder bumps we would hear buzz, buzz, buzz as his bag would make contact with the tire.  That is getting fixed for him soon;)
-Tim had the most narrow tire set up, Fatback 77mm rims, Dillenger 4 tires.
-I had 90mm rims, D4 tires, a good combo for the day.
-My instance at sitting on the back backfired some towards the end of the hills as the snow would get crunched down, soft, and unrideable when I would try to ride some of the hills.  I would catch back on without problem though...until I didn't.

During the race I started to give people in the front group yearbook labels, like "most likely to succeed":
-Charly Tri "Most likely to sit back and almost pass out":)
-Jorden Wakeley "Most likely to not stand" and  "Most likely to not say anything" 
-Tim Bernston   "Most chatty" "Nicest Guy"
-Jay Petervary  "Most likely to pull"  "Most likely to hoot and holler"
-Todd McFadden "Most likely to have too high of tire pressure"  "Best climber"  "Worst climber (because his high tire pressure would throw him off line or spin out)"
-Kevin Breitenbach  "Most likely to emulate Mark Seaburg and bring a Subway sub"

The 4 way finish for the win.

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