Friday, May 24, 2013

Buck Hill #2

So far this year I have had real problems with my asthma twice, both at Buck.  Last week was about the worst I felt in a long, long time.  Our little Tuesday night hot lap had me feeling strong as I put in a time close to what I can do on a regular mountain bike, but with a tired body and fat wheels.  Buck time I got me a solid 90 second warm up.  My start was far from good, but better than last week.  I did almost get taken out by a few riders not accounting for the lead out terrain. By the top of the first switchbacks I was heavily gasping for air as my lungs tightened up and I went backwards.  I roughly maintained that position while gasping the first few laps and wishing in front of the wheels I had to follow in the singletrack.  It wasn't until lap 4 I could breath and off I went.  Last week I lost close to 2 minutes on the last lap as I suffered, this week I put a minute in to the closest rider on the 4th lap.

Gun Show, give me at least 2 laps of proper breathing and you'll see what you saw in the Sandwich

Yes, I used an emoticon.  Yes, Lance says grown men shouldn't use them.  However, I have 2 full sized testicles after years of drug free racing and Lance has one shrunken one.


Larry Sauber said...

All I saw in the sanwich was you skipping the good stuff.

Ride the tech then we see how it shakes out.

Would you fix your chain or tap out? Might not take you 25 min, but hay I wont quit.

At least your bike is heavy. So that equals out.

Charly Tri said...

I come prepared to fix my bike whether in a 50 mile bike race or the Buck Hill circus. I literally could fix a chain with my eyes closed.

We all had the same trail and our choice of bikes. We ride what and how we please, but what we all can agree on is end results.