Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anti Epic

Hatchery Creek, Makwa, Seely Pass, New "Flow Trail", most of Ojibwe, pavement and dirt road home. Basically the Borah "epic" course plus more singletrack and road, BUT I did not pay $85 for the privilege. Seriously, $85 for a new 35 mile race? 35 miles is now epic? So confused.

Proto and I in a 4+ hour love fest.


Anonymous said...

Charlie, the aim of the Mt Borah Epic is as a fundraiser for CAMBA so they can keep building and maintaining the trails you just rode. They don't just appear. Look at the bigger picture, instead of just at your wallet.

Charly Tri said...

I am all for CAMBA and fund raising. Many times I have donated to the cause from my wallet and have actually paid for food for a trail worker as he was headed out the trails and I was headed out with the family. The "profits" from the race are donated. As far as I know the race organizer is paying himself handsomely and only a few dollars of each entry goes to CAMBA. No matter, I still say $80 is steep for a first time race of this nature. I think the donation factor should be commended, but not an excuse to never find fault in an event. I would love to hear that this race is worth $80 and if I were going to be up there I may sign up, but I would still grumble about the price.

My main issue with the race is the overuse of the term "Epic". 30 miles is only a bit longer than CAORC. Yes, it is harder with more singletrack, but I have a hard time swallowing the "epic". "Epic" is the new "extreme".

Charly Tri said...

I did notice that the section of the Ojibwe used in the race was cleared of the massive leaf layers up there and much of the course is already marked. That was nice to ride on and had me going left instead of right when I hit the Ojibwe.