Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Proto is all like, "nag, nag, nag".

 So lately Proto has been whining about us not getting out enough together (you know how a spouse can get), so I set up a fun overnightfor the two of us.

 Here is Proto, all dolled up.

Proto kept asking, but I would not say where we were headed.

I could just tell Proto was having fun now.

We ate.

We gazed at the sky

After several hours of fun, we settled down for the night.  Temps got around 5 for the low that night. No, I didn't wear the mask all night, and no, I was actually really warm in my bag.  Sleeping pad will be changed however.

Around 5pm I woke a second time from either a coyote of wolf howling and could not get back to bed so off Proto and I went to finish our adventure.  Came across this frosted tree and couldn't help take a picture.  Yeah, it is not all artsy, but I took several pictures with my "ok" camera to get this beauty.  It was around 5 degrees at this point still. 

Proto is now happy with me, well at least until I get myself in the doghouse again.

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