Monday, March 05, 2012

That will do it.

Since Arrowhead I consumed too much and exercised too little. As I worry about embarrassing myself at Ragnarok I have been working to reverse that. Sometimes you need a kick in the pants and that is what yesterday was. J-No was thinking the same thing, so we left our 7 hour ride tired, sore, and happy. I guess we ended with roughly 90 miles of gravel. If only my phone would download the pics you would see our predawn 10 degree start, the secret bridge crossing, endless steep rollers, large bluff climbs just outside Red Wing, and some ice covered roads. Oh, forgot about J-No picking himself up off the ice as well.

Topics of conversation included wishing there was snow, Iditarod, the Sandwich, Ragnarok, Almanzo, Fatbikes, the numerous dogs that ran out to say hi, and J-No's domination of the 1991 Rochester Centerion.

Looking to do more, when the roads dry out more a trip to Wabasha will be in order.

Get back to work.

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