Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm taking a break..

I am taking a break from filling every free minute with work. Instead I am getting back on the bike and logging some hours. The work needed on the rentals is now a small amount and I don't have a super short timeline to work with. Yeah me!

Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary. Becky, Abi, and I celebrated with a trip to the Como Zoo and one of Abi's favorite activities...BIKE RACE! I raced my bike poorly and managed to locate a tree to crash into hard. My body was not firing with the same horse power as earlier this summer plus I had a hard time focusing. I was all over the place even before I checked the stability of a good sized tree (my knee is not so happy about this FYI).

Abi rocked the kids race and seems more and more determined to go fast. This was really the first time that I gave her almost no assisted "biden handups". She rocked it and even knows what candy in the bin we'll let her hoard.

Today we planned on a night out to celebrate as a couple. Instead, we are taking that money and using it for another purpose. I encourage you to do the same.


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