Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bat Signal

The call is out. 7am, tomorrow, driveway of the "state penn". Be there or don't be extreme.


J-No said...

Thanks for the ride. I was a little flat today. No doubt my efforts on the same course yesterday played a part, as did my lacking fitness, as did the challenge of keeping up with the winningest Ragnorak 105 racer in history and the owner of the ultimate adventure bike: The Salsa Fargo.

It was good to get the group rides going. Upon reflection I would have worn a shell jacket as I was quite chilled/soaked by the end.

Much was discussed. No question as to who had the right bike for the day (Salsa Fargo). Other topics included anesthesia for childbirth, past and future careers, the real estate market, an indepth analysis of bike shops in the area, future family planning, sponsorship, the awesomeness of the Salsa Fargo, blog gossip and rumors, and the curious absence of the godfather, JP.

-Warden Novak

Charly Tri said...

Juicy Peach missed the utter dominance that is the Fargo. No better bike has every been made for any condition. I get tingles just from reading the word.

jp said...

Funny, must be a generation thing. I see "Fargo" and think of actors trying ultra hard to say Uff-Da, and people being forced thru a wood chipper. Which, bleeding aside, would be much like being abused by you three on a ride. :)