Friday, May 14, 2010


I am getting packed to head out the door, but here is my blog post in bullet points.

-Raced Buck Hill last night. Despite a very hard time breathing on the first lap I came away very happy with my proximity to the lead guys.
-Take the best riding bike you have ever owned. Multiply that experience by 10. Yeah, that is what my Superfly 100 is like. Blows me away.
-Racing Cable Classic this weekend as part of a Man trip to the cabin.
-The Office last night was absolutely hilarious.
-The Child is learning things by leaps and bounds. Really, really cool.
-Baby's Momma will be missed this weekend.
-NPR says they do membership drives twice a year. I started counting this year as it seems they are always asking for money (besides the millions they get from the government). They held one in February, and one now. I am aware of your tricks NPR. Click and Clack are not getting you out of this.



Brian D said...

Don't forget the billion dollar endowment they got 2 or 3 years ago!

Mario said...

I thought NPR is a gov't program...?