Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just checking in.

I'm alive.  I'm very frustrated.  I'm trying to get into the clinic to figure out my breathing problems.

No problems with cold/food/water.


Jlundo said...

I've had problems with this in my past life playing hockey no issues now but the chest gets a little tight when skiing when under 10 degrees. Hopefully all turns out well.

Brian D said...

During my one and only finish of Trans Iowa I found out I too have exercise induced asthma. At the time it was the only event I had ever had (I have had maybe two more events since).

I went to sports medicine and they gave me two choices. One was to go through a series of tests with a likely outcome of going on a daily medication to prevent this from ever happening again. If I was a professional athlete and my career counted on never getting asthma, this was the way to go. My second choice was to get an inhaler and take it with me. If and when I get asthma or prior to an event likely to cause it, take a few puffs. Since I don't want to go on drugs for the rest of my life for something that has happened a handful of times, I went with choice two.

Things that seem to cause my problems are aerobic exercise combined with low temperatures, high humidity, or dust.