Saturday, September 05, 2009

Frazzled, Wet

I have not been on the bike since Tuesday, maybe today I will get out. Woke up Wednesday morning at 5am to use the bathroom. When my feet were wet I turned on the lights to find my basement flooded. Now we have a completely torn up basement, lots of carpet and sheet rock missing. Lots of headaches. Big mess. All this because a faulty clothes washer kept running all night (over and over) next door and the drain was slightly clogged(we own a twinplex and occupy one side). Farmer's Insurance has been awesome through the whole process though! The had Service Master at our house in 30 minutes from our call.

Looks like I am riding out to Moab with some guy who's mind is always in the gutter. Should be fun. Need to start riding again to prep...

Legs felt great on Tuesday as I rocked the single speed for the first time this year. Rode our little race series here in town and just kept getting faster during the 30 minute ordeal.

Oh, and the future of women's US cycling has started training camp this week. More to come.

But for now, you should get back to work, back to your family, or just go for a freaking ride already!!

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