Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: Hi Fi Pro

So I thought I would post some reviews. I preface everything I say with the understanding that I am supported by Fisher bikes and I like the company because they are awesome, so no bias.

The Gary Fisher Hi Fi Pro-
100mm front and rear travel. G2 geometry. Superlight frame. Big wheels. Blingy.

Set up. I messed with most of the parts on this bike when I got this bike. Most things were swapped out, not because of quality, just my preference. Needless to say, I have it loaded with Bontrager goodies. For gearing I run a 11-34 cassette and a 26/36 tooth set up on the front. I find this perfect for my needs. The bike weighs in at 25.75 pounds as set up in this picture with "heavy" tires. Close to 25lbs with racey tires. Fox supplies the suspension on both ends with the optional propedal settings to increase efficiency. Sag was set up at 25% of travel.

The ride. Gary Fisher likes to hype the G2 geometry on their 29'ers. It is designed to make the bike ride like a 26'er in the tight stuff. I got to say there is something to this. I found the bike rides best when the Fox shocks are set up on their propedal setting of "1". With propedal on front and rear this bike becomes a singletrack guru, slicing up the tight stuff. No fork dive, no pedal feedback, but still fantastic at schooling any bumps along the way. Small drops are handled with aplomb.

Climbing is great. Traction is great like any 29'er. The weight is very light, especially for a dually. The propedal settings make sure the power hits the rear wheel like Bill Clinton hits on interns, while the shocks still work well at keeping rocks from wrecking my fun. The Lord did not bless me with innate climbing abilities, but this year I have done much better in this department, and I like to think it is partly due to this bike.

With the lightweight Bontrager XR-1 tires this bike amazes me. Superfast, light, nimble, but still bump gobbling goodness. This is the fastest set up I have EVER ridden. Me likey. I throw on bigger meat when the need arises, but in a XC this is the bees knees.

As mentioned before, I love this bike (or did I forget to mention this?). Know that the purchase of the bike will leave you happy.

Now, stop reading about bikes on work time (or maybe free time) and get busy.


JDA said...

This is the 29" flavor, right? I have the medium 2008 version. This is a great bike which I have been racing successfully (vs. a titanium hardtail). I agree with your weight figures -- roughly 25 lb with race tires, sans tubes. Also, I found it to be about 1/2 minute per lap faster than the hardtail around a lap of Salem Hills. I haven't done the Pepsi challenge on a hill, however. This thing could be very, very light with some decent wheels ...

Charly Tri said...

Salem? That is where the spring cup race is isn't it? Not exactly an overly rough course and the dually still takes the crown. The rougher the course, the bigger that difference. Oh yeah, I only roll the high wheels.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean to say you are NOT supported by Fisher bikes? You said "I preface everything I say with the understanding that I am supported by Fisher bikes and I like the company because they are awesome, so no bias."

Charly Tri said...

No, you read right. I am on their 29er Crew (www.29ercrew.com) and they help me out. It was meant to be tongue in cheek so to speak, but everything I said was true.