Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember me?

Huh, life gets busy and the blog suffers. I have been busy with work, life, and just having fun. Found a couple of minutes just to let you know I am alive.

Things I have been up to.

-Working at the shop Mon-Thur., and then leaving for the weekend. This weekend will be the first at home in like 2 months.

-Raced the WORS race. Legs were not snappy at all from the Levis 100 the weekend before, mechanical cost me a few minutes, and I literally started behind every single racer in the Elite class. It is hard to move up and the depth of talent in WI is better than MN. I was not a fan of the course. A large series like WORS should have better courses that don't consider mowing a path through tall weeds a proper way to set the bulk of a race course.

-Hanging with the daughter and wife. Both are super cool.

-I have been riding, but nothing hardcore. Planning on a couple of long butt kickers this weekend. I plan on racing for 12 hours in La Crosse here soon.

-Spent a lot of time up at the cabin with the family. From our 1 acre we have seen bears, a bobcat, wolf, turkeys, deer, loons, bald eagles, and fox. I almost ran into a bear out on the trail as well, and almost smacked one with my car. The riding within a 10 mile radius of there is amazing and plentiful. I can go out on a 4 hour loop just riding super fun trails and never overlapping...amazing.

-I need a hair cut.

-You can rent out the cabin (site needs updating) for your own trips as well. Maybe free lodging in trade? We are looking at building a deck, could use some different kitchen cabinets, or maybe you have another idea. We also have a barn that can be used for boat storage for rent. There is also great deer hunting in the area.

-I love my Fisher Hi-Fi, but I have a Superfly 100 on backorder. Look for me to sell off the Hi-Fi and Paragon later this summer.

-My training this summer has been fairly consistent, but not aggressive. I need to figure out a program to lead up to Moab which is in a few months. Should I change the blog name for the lead up to the race? Mission to Moab for a title? How about Maddash to Moab? Maybe, Singletrack to Slickrock? How about Saddle up to Slickrock? I could talk about my training and such, but in all reality I probably would just put up stupid pictures and talk nonsense.

-You and I need to get back to the grindstone.


Brendan said...
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Jlundo said...

yeah unfortunately the sunburst course is the worst in the series. Go to Eau Claire or many others and you would be plesantly surprised. Mission to Moab sounds good.