Thursday, February 05, 2009

drive by shootings

Just me again. I am tired. Lots-o-training and such. Every year that I do the self coaching thing I use the Joe Freil book. Every year I increase my hours a little. I remember my first year following this plan I got tired from my "big" weeks. Now those big weeks are almost what my "rest" weeks are. I am looking forward to next week's rest right now. Monday will be my first rest day since I don't know when. Yesterday's 90 minutes of lifting and core work felt like a huge break. Tommorrow is a going to be a long day on the bike.
Oh, and I am full blown into teaching Studio Cycling now at the RAC. Two classes done without "adult" supervision, one of those this morning. Becky now refers to me as Mr. Spin. It is a good way to get out of the house and integrate my workouts into something I can get paid for.
Kuske, I'll see you for our ride tonight. Now, back to work. Mr. Spin, out.

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