Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rock out with your light saber out.

This year I have put more hours on the bike, but all at low intensity. Last night represented my second ride that put me into the red and the legs are coming around. Good news for the legs.

Saturday, oh Saturday. I am set to do this. 105 miles on gravel. Weather? Oh, a balmy 35 degrees with snow and rain. This looks like it may turn into a race of survival. The higher the difficulty, the larger the gaps are from those that are strong and those that are striving to be. Hopefully, good news on the weather front.

And, great news to speak of, today has arrived. The Office is back with new episodes!! Pam and Jim, Angela and Andy, and Michael and Jan have a wacky dinner party tonight. What crazy antics will my second family be up to? Tonight will tell.

So now I go to work. I have to work on the bike and get it ready. Maybe you could get back to work as well? What is that? You have more useless blogs to read. Alright...


Richard said...

Work is overrated.
Does your bike have mustache bars? If not, you may not fit in with the cool kids in that race.

Charly Tri said...

No mustache bars, and it even has gears!!! I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb. Hopefully, I finish. Heck, hopefully I start. I have to leave my house early to get there and if it is raining like it was last night, then it will be a nice day at home getting caught up on projects. There is just something about the thought of riding in downpours at 35 degrees that makes you thankful for warmth and shelter.

BeccaNate said...

'You took me by the hand, and you made me a man' by the singer song writer The Hunter

So awkward, so sweet.