Friday, April 11, 2008

Ragnarok 105

Chances of me starting tomorrow are not looking good at all. I wish this was not the case. In a long held history of cycling I now present to you my reasons/excuses why it is not my fault (all of which are obviously not my fault, duh).

1. I race for fun. I am far from earning a paycheck in any sense of the word. Riding 105 miles on gravel in at least somewhat decent conditions sounds fun to me. Sub 35 degrees still sounds fun. Sub 35 degrees with much water on the ground and more coming from the sky does not. Take out the water factor and I would be there without problem. No fun, no check, no race.

2. This was supposed to be a "tune-up" race for Transiowa. If I spend the next 10 days recovering then that hurts my chances at Transiowa. That doesn't sound too smart, does it?

3. I am still nursing my knee from a fall this winter while riding. It hurts still when I ride. My back finally seems 100%. Do I really need another physical ailment? Do I need to make my knee worse?

On the flip side of these excuses, I do feel strong and my bike is 20 minutes from being ready with fenders and such.

I guess it will have to wait for Iowa. Hopefully, things will go better there.

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Anonymous said...


Post some pics of your ride in race mode. I'd also like an equipment rundown/checklist, and maybe some race strategies like pacing and nutrition.

I hope the knee feels better.