Sunday, August 12, 2007

100 miles to Levis Mounds.

Gotta make this quick as we are leaving for Rapid City on vacation in a couple of minutes.

I headed out to try to conquer the dirty century at Levis. Got there and it was raining. We started in the rain and I took off in search of singletrack. 1.5 miles later Jerry Long and I start the fun stuff with a decent gap (as I was told by others later that, "Jerry is a fast WORS guy"). We were soon joined by 2 more and I led up one of the steeper hills. I don't like the granny and refused to shift down. With the steep pitch, deep sand, and legs that did not want to climb I got hung up and the three others came by. I quickly caught and passed 2 of them and looked for Jerry in the lead. He was out a little ways, but with in sight.

That is when things acted up. At 11 miles into the 25 mile lap my rear brake locked up. My pads had worn through from the sand (there was a lot) and the rain. I spent some time freeing those up a little and took off with just a front brake and the rear rubbing. The third place rider passed me during this fun part of my ride. It was at about this time that I realized my thighs were attempting to cramp up on me. I was trying to figure out why that would happen so soon into the race when I realized it wasn't pre-cramp issues, but the thigh muscles had little tears in them that I could feel. Oh well, guess my muscle were still a little messed up from nine mile.

I finished out the lap at a slower pace as not to cause damage, changed my clothes as I am not a fan of monkey butt, and headed out to try to complete the 100 miles at a "don't destroy your body" pace. Even at a slow pace I could tell that my thighs were going to be ripped to shreds if I kept going. I want to show up with great legs when I get a spine so I bagged it.

I am going to do some fun riding now in the Black Hills with my baby's momma for a week. You have to stay and work. Ha, ha.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Charly, did he make back from SD? I find it hard to believe that he does not have any stories to tell.