Tuesday, May 29, 2007

4 Hours of Gears

Saturday has come and gone and it did not go so well. Along with carbo loading I decided to electrolyte load as well. This put me in a world of hurt known as Hypertonic (aka, too much electrolytes in the body, thanks for that info Sugardaddy). I don't want to be there again.

I can look at both positives and negatives of the race.

First the negatives:

-I got to the race with just enough time to set up and throw on my jersey as the people were lining up for the start.
-No prerace stretch, no prerace warm up.
-At the start of the race I had a huge headache and REALLY bad legs. (Symptom of hypertonic)
-My stomach was going haywire. (Symptom of hypertonic)
-The headache got worse and worse until it literally brought me to my knees 4 hours into the race. (Symptom of hypertonic).

Now the positives:

-I fought through all the pain in my head and legs for 4 hours. It was a good fight between me and my body.
-I was within 3 minutes of 1st at the time despite everything going wrong and stopping to stretch 3 hours into it.
-Food and hydration needs were dialed (except those damn electrolytes).
-I learned a lesson
-I am pissed and plan to take it out in 2 weeks at the next 12 hour.

-Electrolytes are a replenish as you need them sort of thing. Do that.
-Get there earlier
-Kick some ass?
-Don't wait 2 days to write about the damn race.
-Take pictures.



Anonymous said...

For your reading enjoyment!



Anonymous said...

I thought I saw you in LaX this weekend! I'll be doing the Muir race too...it'll be my first 12 hour solo effort...be gentile with me!