Saturday, December 09, 2006


So this week was interesting.

We had a gentleman come in to view our wares. This was not a normal customer. He is a bike rep for a competing brand (think Levi Lephimer's old bike from team Gerolsteiner). I remembered him from previous encounters with him at a race this year, including when he told me I should apply at the Erik's shop in town. Like Napoleon would say, "yeah right". Although today he was under cover at our shop as a "medical sales rep". Hmmmm.

I notified Deb as soon as I realized who he was. Here is a partially factual transcript of their discussion.

Deb (Queen Bee): Hello, what can I help you with?

Spy: Nothing, I am just snooping, ah I mean browsing.

QB: That is cool. What kind of riding do you do?

Spy: Well, mainly road, but some offroad.

QB: Sweet, what kinda bikes do you have?

Spy: I have a S*******ed road bike and mountain bike.

QB: Wow, you must really like that company.

Spy: Ahh, why do you say that? It is not like I am a rep for them....I am just a medical sales rep. I have no affiliation with that oh so wonderful organization. Why all the questions? I have nothing to hide. I am just your regular, average customer. (Imagine nervous gesturing at the same time).

QB: Ohhhhhkay. Anywho, anything catch your eye?

Spy: Can you give me a break down of your sales numbers for the last several years?

QB: Ahhh, no.

Spy: Anyways, did I tell you how great my road bike is?

QB: Didn't Charly race against you in a crit this year? How did you end up doing in that? Did you beat Charly?

Spy: Ahhhh...

QB: Oh wait, Charly won that race, so you couldn't have beat him. Man, your bike must not be so great if Charly can beat you in a crit using a cyclocross bike.

Spy: Look at the time, I gotta go!

QB: Okay, Merry Christmas. (Grinning)

Spy: Sure, Sure. Bye. (quickly leaving)


Us: 1 Them: 0


By the way, had he been upfront about who he was, it would have been fine, but the deceit ain't too cool.

Now go do something more productive!

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Brendan said...

No commment...doesn't surprise me though.
They tried to get me to ride for them 2 years ago before I had talked to Matt about a sponsorship...I am glad I held out=)