Friday, December 01, 2006

So last year at this time the shorts were tight and loose. Tighter around the waist and looser around the thighs. Now this year there are tight and loose, only tighter around the thighs and looser around the waist.

That's cool.

Tommorrow, I get to do my heartrate threshold test. I don't have an official power meter to do that type of training (unless someone wants to give me a wad of cash to buy one), but the Kurt trainers have one that is inexpensive and only works with their trainers. I have had the meter for a year, but never attached it. I guess I get to see my power output tommorrow as well. I don't know my power output, except it will be at least 10 more watts of what ever you can put out. I gotta think confidently you know.The Devil Dog is all set to watch me suffer tommorrow.
Hey, don't you have some work to do?

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Anonymous said...

Keep a bucket handy in case you gotta harf...